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There is not a better way to end a day than with pastries and champagne. Is this too obvious of a statement? Well, I didn’t realize this until last night when I went to the book signing of Pastry Paris In Paris, Everything Looks Like Dessert, at the Rizzoli Bookstore where I was, in fact, served pastries and champagne, and was able to meet the lovely author Susan Hochbaum.

Her beautiful new book is filled with gorgeous photography of how similar the pastries of Paris eerily and gorgeously resemble the sights of Paris. Whether it be the Tarte au Citron Meringuee that resembles the Bateaux Mouches, or the Metro Station sign that could almost be mistaken for a flaky eclair covered in a thick fondant icing.

The images are spectacular, and  will make you at once hungry and also eager to get on the next plane to Paris. Ok, this might not be the book that every library needs, and researchers may not be waiting in the line at the circulation desk for it – but it is just the book to take you away from your stressful day and for a moment  offer you perfect serenity.

I think you may need to hold this book in your hand and flip through the pages to see what I mean…so I am going to send a signed copy to a random winner- all you have to do is email me at and tell me what your favorite guilty, sugar-filled pleasure is. (mine is a warm, flaky chocolate croissant!) 

I highly recommend picking up a copy of Pastry Paris,  You may never look at your favorite sights the same again!

In Paris, Everything Looks Like Dessert…

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  • ooh- Did we find out a lot about your guilty pleasures!!! This was fun, we even got a complaint, “It is very unfair that I have to pick one.”

    But, I think I have found my winner- and I thank you all for your submissions- you have made me very hungry, by the way, with your answers… Chocolate chip cookie dough bon bons, chocolate lava cake,
    creme brulee (this had a few votes)and one very enthusiastic, “I LOOOOOVE chocolate in most any way, shape or form!”

    But the winner chosen, had not only a favorite guilty pleasure, but a very particular way in which it should be enjoyed, “chocolate soufflé hot from the oven with home made vanilla ice cream on the side!”

    Thank you all for playing- now I think I may go try and raid the candy basket!

    Enjoy Pastry Paris!

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