TheForgottenAffair978-0-307-37918-4It’s time again to meet up with Isabel Dalhousie in The Forgotten Affairs of Youth to solve problems and ponder life’s philosophical questions. The eighth installment in the Dalhousie series will be released next month. What is not a mystery is the grand reaction to this book. We’re thrilled to share the following praise for Alexander McCall Smith’s newest novel of intrigue.

“This totally absorbing novel has as its primary focus the grip of the past, as Isabel helps a woman given up for adoption find her biological father. Isabel is everything you’d want in a philosopher, but she is also quirky and witty and made more human by the longing she still sometimes feels for a beautiful but bad love in her past. Far from being Utopian, The Forgotten Affairs of Youth is filled with both spires and spikes, like Edinburgh itself.” —Booklist (starred review)

 “You needn’t be a series-long admirer of Isabel Dalhousie to be beguiled by this curious philosopher and casual sleuth. . . . Isabel believes only the examined life is worth living, and fearlessly so. . . . It makes [her] a heroine worth following, even through this quiet, more reflective foray.” —Publishers Weekly

Praise for Alexander McCall Smith's new Isabel Dalhousie novel!

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