DefendingJacob978-0-385-34422-7Lisa Unger, New York Times bestselling author of Beautiful Lies and Darkness, My Old Friend, had amazing things to say about Defending Jacob the new novel from award-winning author William Landay.  This searing new thriller is sure to be a breakout novel of 2012. Landay has penned an unforgettable story of a murder that tears a family apart, and a trial that reveals how little one man knows about his son, and himself.

Unger’s praise for the novel: 

“I have to say—and I don’t say this lightly—that it was truly great.  All writers are first and foremost readers.  We all want to be seduced and enrapt by story.  But it’s a sad casualty of the writing life that we are less willing or able to be entranced by someone else’s novel, so involved are we with our own.  Naturally, I was drawn to the major themes of family history, the corrosive nature of secrets, the parent-child dance, all things I explore in my own work.  But more than that — William’s book is so well-written, every character so movingly and convincingly drawn, the plot so utterly enthralling, that I was completely swept away.  Kudos to him.  He should be really proud of this work.  Defending Jacob is absolutely stellar, first-rate fiction—human, sensitive, and gripping in the extreme.”

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Defending Jacob: Lisa Unger Gives Praise

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  • I was privileged to review this book for Library Journal. I’ve read Mr. Landay’s other books and enjoyed them, but I think he has moved to a new level with Defending Jacob. I loved it, and hope it is the breakout success it deserves to be.

  • I have not read any of the previous titles by Mr. Landay, but I’m very excited for DEFENDING JACOB to be shared with patrons and reader’s everwhere. It was both gut-wreching and eye-opening and I was literally on edge until the very end. I think lots of parents struggle with how much freedom to allow children online and I found myself asking the exact same questions as Andy Barber throughout the book. One of the first must-have library titles in 2012!

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