My First Goal; 50 players and the goal that marked the beginning of their NHL career by Mike Brophy

There were a lot of other titles that I was thinking about today- but I am sorry, my mind is just on the upcoming NHL season- I know, there are some of you that might not even realize that hockey is an actual professional sport and that NHL actually stands for National Hockey League– but to me, it is near the top of my priorities, and and sort of an obsession.  One of  the biggest disappointments of being a mother so far is that my disloyal sons have decided to follow a different team…traitors!

But I digress, My First Goal is written by Mike Brophy– a hockey analyst that has been writing about hockey for more than 30 years- within the industry- he is taken very seriously. This is a book that your faithful hockey-loving patrons will just love.  

Every player who ever scored in the NHL has a different story about his first goal. For some, like Wayne Gretzky, Gordie Howe, or Phil Esposito, their first goal was just one of many they would score in their long and illustrious careers. For others, their first goal was also their last. Sports journalist Mike Brophy has interviewed fifty players about their first NHL goal, and the result is a wide-ranging wealth of personal stories that include high-profile former NHLers and many of the game’s best players from today. Some players, such as Chicago Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews, scored in their first NHL game. Others were not so lucky. Jim Vesey, for example, scored his only NHL goal into an empty net. With lots of direct quotes from the players themselves and Brophy supplying the tantalizing background information and career highlights, this book is a treat for hockey fans young and old.

Maybe this book won’t convert you to becoming a hockey fan ( just yet)- but when your devoted patrons check it out for the first time you may be taken in by their enthusiasm and dedication- and trust me as a mother that has been to the library and checked-out the same hockey books over and over, there will be a lot of readers excited for fresh look at the game!  Enjoy–


My First Goal

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