This may look like just an adorable children’s picture book to you, and while, I can honestly say that it absolutely is- it is also so much more than that. This little book with these adorable zoo animals on the cover is actually a piece of New York’s history that I feel honored to talk about…

What’s New at the Zoo? from Blue Apple Books takes the words from the Tony Award winning, Hall of Fame duo of Adolph Green and Betty Comden and brings them to a beautfil picture book illustrated by Travis Foster. Green and Comden worked together for nealry six decades to produce songs for some of the most beloved movie musicals in history- What’s New at the Zoo? is taken straight from their hit Broadway show Do Re Mi and comically chronicles the grumblings and rumblings of all the animals.

Kids will delight in the hilarious lift-the-flap surprises of acclaimed illustrator Travis Foster’s spot-on creations. And parents will revel in the history and the collaboration that have brought this book to life. The book includes an introduction by the late Adolph Green’s wife, Tony Award-winning actress, Phyllis Newman.

In this video Ms. Newman introduces the book- while local school kids sing-along to it!

[youtube NNXkwj1e0uQ]


Some of us, lucky Random House staffers were invited to Phyllis Newman’s beautiful home to celebrate the publication of this title- and to tell you it was awe-inspiring is an understatement. Not often, OK, not ever, have I been in a home with Tony Awards, Writer’s Guild Awards and just about every other kind of award on display- and the best part other than the incredible view overlooking Central Park, was that I felt like I was back fifty years ago when a catchy  Broadway show-tune and a grand library filled with actual print books could make a person feel more content than they ever thought possible.

Overlooking Central Park- what a night!
Overlooking Central Park- what a night!
We got to meet Phyllis Newman
We got to meet Phyllis Newman

It was an honor to be welcomed into Phyllis Newman’s home, and a honor to see the pride she has taken into getting this book published with Blue Apple Books. The party was perfect- even local school students were invited in to perform the words from the book- and they did an outstanding job. It truly is my honor to tell you about this wonderful title, it is great for every library patron young and old- and perfect to sing along to!

Enjoy What’s New at the Zoo? with your patrons, family and friends- and make sure to remember the great lives that are celebrated within its’ pages!


What's New at the Zoo?… WAY More than you think!

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