First Descent by Pam Withers



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Getting boys to be exciting about reading can sometimes prove quite challenging- especially during summer vacation, or as they are just getting back to school! It is hard to compete with sports, and video games but  First Descent just might be the book to encourage your reluctant reader.

Pam Withers writes a novel as fast-paced as the mighty rivers that run through it, this is an adventure story set against the wild waters of South America. It’s a true boy book: lots of action and adventure, some heart-stopping moments, gun runners, mad politics, and a tiny bit of romance.

Montana-born Rex loves nothing more than to take his kayak out on a river, the faster and more powerful the better. When he gets the opportunity to tackle the well-named El Furioso in southwest Colombia, he is thrilled. He anticipates the river’s challenges, but finds himself in a situation where the real danger is human.

In Colombia, he meets Myriam Calambás, an indígena, who has lived along the El Furioso all her life. Though she loves its rushing waters, she dreams of leaving to get an education so that she can help her people. Her dreams, and her very survival, are in the balance when she and Rex are caught up in the clash between paramilitaries, working for rich landowners, and guerillas, who are supposed to be protecting the poor.

This is a compelling story about an endangered world and a people struggling for their very right to exist.

Email us at the first TEN people to respond will get an Advanced Reader’s Copy!!


Perfect book for your reluctant reader!

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