Fodors 75th Anniversary

Usually when we have a raffle at a show there are not more than one or two winners. Because this is Fodor’s 75th Anniversary, they teamed up with Library Journal to do the advance tips for ALA conference attendees re not-to-be-missed food opportunities. And they thoughtfully provided an advance peek into the upcoming Fodor’s New Orleans by putting together tips in a PDF for librarians who had some moments to play.

But back to that raffle – 75 LUCKY WINNERS were selected and with no strings attached they all received an email that stated:

“Congratulations! You are one of the 75 ALA entrants who has been randomly selected to receive a free Fodor’s guidebook in honor of Fodor’s 75th Anniversary. Below is a list of current Fodor’s Gold Guides. Please send us your mailing information and put a “X” next to the title you would like to receive….”

What could be easier? The only complaint received has been that it’s too difficult deciding WHICH Gold Guide to select!

I’d like to thank Fodor’s – not only for making 75 librarians very happy, but also for generously offering the prize and then doing all the work of fulfillment. A great bunch and a great series of Guide Books. I never go on a trip without my trusty Fodor’s. Also their enewsletter is packed with good information and handy tips such as what do to when you lose your passport, should you buy travel insurance, what NOT to wear in Paris.

So my tip is–at ALA always come by the Random House booth. In addition to great books, authors, staff, catalogs, brochures, ARCs–there are frequently terrific raffles that could make you a happy winner! Happy Anniversary, Fodor’s!

Marcia Purcell

75 Happy Librarians for Fodor’s 75th Anniversary!

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