A Flavia de Luce Novel

The beloved Flavia de Luce is back on November 1 for her 4th novel. It’s Christmas time at Buckshaw estate, and the colonel has rented the place out to a film company. When a widely despised movie star ends up dead, no one is surprised, but little Flavia is not going to just let this slide. Especially with all the suspects snowed in like they are.

We have a few copies here for Flavia fans! Comment below with some Christmas gift ideas for her, and we’ll choose a few people to send galleys to.  

Cool cover, eh?


Flavia Fans: Christmas is coming early!

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  • I absolutely ADORE Flavia. I have several of my students and teachers hooked on her, too, so we’d make very good use of the galley! The audio is exceptional, as well!

  • a good groupon?

  • Back in the late 1930’s, Popular Science ran articles for the amateur chemist. A gift for Flavia would be a subscription to Popular Science.

  • How fun! I love reading Flavia’s adventures, and this fall I’m getting my bookgroup to try the first one.

    I think I’d get Flavia a complete set of Sherlock Holmes – this doesn’t seem to be in her home library and I think she might enjoy it.

  • I think Flavia deserves a new microscope, a poison ring and a piranha (to torture Daffy and Felie with).

  • That cover would make a great poster! I would give Flavia a detective kit ala Harriet the Spy. Cool hat, magnifying glass, notebook, penlight, invisible inkpen, code making book.

  • I would smuggle a copy of the CIA’s secret “The Official C.I.A. Manual of Trickery and Deception” for Flavia. The file contained once highly-classified manuals written in the early 1950s by American magician John Mulholland that detailed the secrets of magic that could enhance the art of espionage. I just KNOW she would love it 😉

  • I think Flavia could use an chemistry kit with a wintry theme — frankincense, myrrh, copper, rocksalt,cinder, ginger, gold foil, cinnamon, . . .

  • She might need some new Bunsen burners, and glass tubes. And a subscription to Science magazine would not hurt either.

    And perhaps some one could donate money to her poor local library!

    “…it occured to me that Heaven must be a place where the library is open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. No, eight days a week.” – Flavia De Luce in The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie

    Flavia rocks! Can’t wait…

  • Awesome! I think Flavia could probably use some new beakers, Petri dishes, and test tubes because a girl just can’t have enough of those.

    Can’t wait for this book!

  • Flavia is the smartest, most infuriating 11-year-old in fiction history! For her birthday I’d probably create a younger brother for her–someone she could be the boss over.

  • Please please please pick me! I have the green one and the purple one and the yellow one….

  • I would give Flavia a copy of The Door in the Wall by Marguerite D’Angeli. It won the Newberry Award in 1950 and its protagonist is a young boy with an adventurous spirit who finds a way to overcome his physical limitations. I think Flavia would appreciate those qualities.

  • A good sturdy basket for Gladys, a small coal-burner for her chilly rooms, and a generous restocking of her chemicals.
    As an aside, I am a very “jump-around” reader who very rarely reads the same author twice. I have read all of the books in the Flavia series. Enough said.

  • People have such wonderful ideas! I especially like the little brother and the new basket for Gladys 🙂 However, one of the reasons I love Flavia is her deep love of books. I think she would enjoy a complete set of Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple books. These cozy, small village tales would amuse her greatly.

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