Broetry (Poetry for Dudes) from author Brian McGackin has been gathering all sorts of buzz in the libraries – and with good cause. With poem titles like, “Stopping by Wawa on a Snowy Evening,” the more intimidating, “Thursday Parts:1-5,” or the soon-to-classic “You and Me and the Absurd Amount of Baggage You Brought into This RelationshipMakes Three,” (my personal fave) – you will instantly see what all the Broetry rage is about-

so classy

Now, I do have a particular fondness for this author, not only because he included Wawa in his poetry, but because he is from my hometown of Freehold, NJ- (umm, so is Bruce Springsteen, if that gives you a good reference point) – and I am also happy to report that at his local bookstore signing last week, the turnout was outstanding and the local support was overwhelming- I waited for over 25 minutes for a signature, and Brian was nice enough to personalize an extra two copies for a few select librarian  fans out there. (…you know who you are!)



But there is WAY more than just local buzz about this book,  The Huffington Post awarded Broetry with one of the “Coolest Book Cover of 2011” and his op-ed piece in the Daily News takes on the appropriate level of manliness in literature.

His poems relay more “manly” topics than you might expect in normal poetry, but as McGackin says, “Broetry is poetry for the twenty-first century. Broetry speaks to every man, woman and dude-child who understands that reading shouldn’t have to be a chore.” He says, “Broetry is a literary chili cheeseburger.” Who can argue with that?

McGackin hold his MFA in Creative Writing from USC, which makes it more than appropriate and fitting that he should have a website called,

Why Do Buses Smell?

The young girl asks her

mother. I listen because

I want to know, too.

Click here for more information about Broetry…



Broetry…Like poetry, but awesome

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