Blind Sight

Just wanted to share this great review that was sent to me from SWON (Southwest Ohio and Neighboring) libraries. Jason, our favorite sales rep from Minnesota, brought this BLIND SIGHT to our attention when it was first coming out, and now librarians are echoing his evaluation that this little debut novel is indeed something special. From SWON:

“It is tempting to pigeon-hole Blind Sight as a coming-of-age novel, but it is so much more than that. The book centers around the Luke getting to know his father who has been absent for the first seventeen years of his life, but in the process he also comes to new realizations about the mother who raised him. Howrey succeeds in creating characters that are engaging and multi-faceted. Luke?s relationships with his various family members are complex and intriguing. Blind Sight is an excellent debut novel that is sure to be a hit with books clubs. Though this novel may appeal to thoughtful teen readers, there are several sexual situations that make it problematic as a school library purchase. Recommended for all public libraries.”


Jason calls it again with BLIND SIGHT

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