The Last Werewolf

I don’t know what made me pluck this one in particular from my ever-expanding queue of things to read. I’ve never read anything paranormal before (excepting H.P., which is borderline), and I had never heard of Glen Duncan. I guess it was just the novelty involved in Knopf publishing a werewolf novel. I have an attraction to anything that incongruous.

But I am certainly glad I picked it up. Glen Duncan is a tremendously impressive writer. His narrator has lived 200+ years, and he exudes the believable sagacity and world-weariness that comes along with that. Jake is a monstrous mix of Sam Spade and Holden Caulfield and is not to be missed.

I know you’re just dying for a bite now, so PLEASE READ this excerpt on Scribd. You won’t regret it.


"Last Werewolf" is so sick of this crap.

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