But we mean this in the best possible way!

At 12:00 on Sunday, June 26 in the New Orleans Convention Center, Room 398, the Random House team will be presenting all the hottest titles from our Fall list and giving away our usual great selection of ARCs. We’re upgrading this year with some “big-top” refreshments for you lovely attendees and maybe even some costuming if we can bring ourselves to do it. Get excited.

This event is immediately following Nancy Pearl’s sure-to-be-popular Editors’ Buzz, which will also feature Doubleday editor-in-chief Bill Thomas discussing his most exciting acquisition of the year, Erin Morgenstern’s THE NIGHT CIRCUS. Don’t miss that event either, which kicks off at 10:00am in CC Room 392.

Just so we don’t run out of hot dogs too soon, RSVP on Facebook or send an email to library@randomhouse.com 


ALA is going to be a circus.

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  • I’m so upset that I’ll be missing this! (Can’t afford ALA this year). Especially considering I’m a former circus performer (seriously!) Is there any way to get an ARC of THE NIGHT CIRCUS, even though I won’t be there?

  • No way! We would have recruited you to perform at our bok buzz! Yes, send your address to library@randomhouse.com and I’ll send you a copy.

  • I’ll be there and part of the circus of activity.

  • Plan to be there!

  • I will be there!

  • I will be there as well.

  • I hope to be there. If I’m not there by 2:00…I was going to say you are allowed to eat my hotdog, but by then it will probably be a tad over done.

  • What a great theme! Don’t want to miss this one!

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