Well, I don’t think we could have asked for much more.

Random House, Inc. had 4 winners in last night’s National Book Critics Circle Award announcements!

We would like to congratulate the winners for…


Jennifer Egan : A Visit from the Goon Squad

A Visit from the Goon Squad

…Of course the one that I skip for book club would win the fiction award…


Isabel Wilkerson : The Warmth of Other Suns

The Warmth of Other Suns

We loved having her at ALA Annual this year even before she won all these awards and top ten lists. Amazingly lovely woman is Ms. Wilkerson. Please see her speak if you ever should get the opportunity. Follow her on Twitter for updates.


Sarah Bakewell : How To Live

How To Live

Called this! One of my favorite books of last year. We are so proud to have Other Press as an RHPS family member. (Montaigne’s making a comeback all of a sudden. Who would have guessed?)


Darin Strauss : Half a Life

Half a Life

McSweeney’s, one of my personal favorite publishers, produced the hardcover for this one, but we have the paperback edition coming out this summer. Michael, our academic marketing director, got it right; he’s quoted on a poster around the office saying, “Darin Strauss bares his soul revisiting the events and aftermath of one fateful day…Told with brutal honesty.”


Lots of love from NBCC

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