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I have to admit, one of the imprints I am most excited talking about is Archie Comics, and I love how life has come full circle, and I have gone from meeting my best-friend in the backyard to exchange whichever Archie Comic Book we had just finished, to now being able to share these great stories with librarians nationwide-  

And I know I am not alone in this fascination with Archie and his friends because there have been over 2 million downloads for the  Archie Comics Apps!!!

I remember sometimes my friend would  hurry me up to finish- and other times, especially if it were a Double Digest, I would have to hurry her through after all, we were only allowed to meet before it got totally dark outside! We spent most of our time keeping track of how many times Archie would pick Veronica over Betty- oh how infuriated we would get by that Veronica!

Well fast-forward a lot of years… the other day I had the very pleasant surprise of watching my son get the same joy out of Archie Comics that I once did. (and still do!) – – he laughed at the amount of  food Jughead ate- and how the plans just never seemed to work out the way Archie expected-  And truth be told, I realized that maybe while I once wished I were Betty, there is something to be said about how easily things really do work out for Veronica–

It is one thing to be able to share an old classic book with your child- but it is another to be able to share one of your favorites, and it still be new. Archie is still going strong and now I can switch the books with my kids when I am done and I won’t have to run in the backyard to do so!

I urge you to visit the Archie Comics website to get reacquainted with some old friends, and also to find out all of the latest and greatest about the old gang!

Archie, Betty, Veronica…some things NEVER change!

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  • I saw the artists speak at the Miami book Fair two years ago. They were so excited, and so enthusiastic about their product, that I remembered how much I, too, loved the comics back when I was a kid! I was a Betty, my best friend a Veronica (despite our hair colors being opposite). I went out and got the editions when Archie got married. I couldn’t not see what happened!

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