100 Countries, 5,000 Ideas

100 Countries, 5,000 Ideas

Where to Go, When to Go, What to See,  What to Do

Rainy days in New York City always make a person wish they were taking their morning bus or train somewhere a little more exotic than just to work- but to where?  A cozy cottage in England… the beautiful coast of Croatia… Anywhere, that’s what I thought this morning as I stood in the rain for over half an hour waiting for my bus. Today, I would go anywhere…

100 Countries, 5000 Ideas– this was a good resource to start with when I got in this morning. Three hundred images, over one-hundred detailed maps, and evocative text to inspire any person to plan a trip overseas.  Whether you have your next trip planned to the minute, or you are not sure where you are in the mood to visit- this book is a perfect tool.

 100 Countries, 5000 Ideas offers a wealth of ideas on today’s most inspiring places to visit around the world. This large-format, lavishly illustrated, soft-cover travel planner zeroes in on the top 100 most fascinating places.  Each country is thoroughly reported on and vetted—from Brazil, Belgium, and Bulgaria to Thailand, Turkey, and Tanzania–describing each country’s highlights and ideas on what to do there. Valuable reader service sets this book apart, including a section that helps travelers select a destination based on their interests–whether they’re looking for a three-week dream vacation, a weekend excursion, or something in between.

This book  is an irresistible blend of practical travel information and inspiration to help fuel the wanderlust in all of us.  We hope you use this book for all of your travel needs- and we would love to hear where you are planning to go…

Bon Voyage!

100 Countries, 5,000 Ideas…(take me with you!)

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  • I need this book! I’m going to the Mediterranean for my honeymoon; I’m sure it’ll be helpful!

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