I cry pretty easily I admit it. Sad movies, romance movies, bad movies, life-changing novels, kids’ books and nearly every other form of storytelling… not to mention the occasional greeting card, TV commercial, photograph, and even status update. OK, so you get it, I ‘m a crier.

But, I had yet to cry while reading a graphic novel, you just don’t normally think of tears during a comic book, unless you are frustrated that Archie keeps picking Veronica. But Daytripper, changed all of this for me.  Even though you eventually start to prepare yourself for the fact that Brás is going to die at the end of each chapter. Yes, at the end of each chapter he dies a different death, an equally sad, shocking death – but even though you know it’s coming, still the lump forms in your throat and eventually the tears appear because  in spite of yourself, your wishing  that he had made that one different choice and would just live!

In Daytripper, multiple Eisner-nominees and brothers,  Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba take readers through the life of a man named Brás de Oliva Domingos, selecting a series of individual events of great significance to Brás, showing each as if it could be the day Brás dies, and in so doing creating an examination of family, friendship, love, art, life, and death that urges the reader to turn the same careful inspection on their own life.

It makes you wonder, on nearly every page, of the times in your life when you felt a certain way, or missed an opportunity, or wished you would have just said something to that one person  that one time, when you had that chance, that last chance…

Don’t miss this one!

Daytripper by Fabio Moon & Gabriel Ba'

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