I have two different types of bookshelves in my life: those that I meticulously organize and curate with books that will make me look eclectic and intelligent–epitomized by my tall, skinny bedroom bookcase–and those on which I toss half-read galleys and stripped hardcovers, piling them horizontally and vertically and every way in between–epitomized by my shelves here at work until Erica one day demanded that I allow her to organize them.  

They’re both beautiful in their own ways, I guess.

But here’s a fun stop-motion video about someone who is even more indecisive than me when it comes to the way his or her shelves are arranged.

[youtube cFnuP9niRUg]

To ask my favorite question from Safran Foer’s Everything Is Illuminated: How do you organize your books?

Bookcase, animated

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  • Roughly in Dewey classes, but not in Dewey order; galleys by pub date and the books that make me look intelligent and well-read [not] in my office at work.

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