Life Organizer
The Essential Record Keeper and Estate Planner by Nancy Randolph Greenway


 Couldn’t resist telling you about one of the most helpful books to come along in a while. If you are like me, you have important information stored in the most haphazard places; file cabinets, under-the-bed, random drawers around the house- but what if you really needed this information right away, or more importantly what if someone needed to find the information on your behalf.

 Life Organizer provides one beautiful and handy place to store all of your essential estate planning documents, plus reader-friendly explanations, definitions, tips, and worksheets for everything you need to organize your assets, and get on with your life! This is a great tool for your personal use, or to give to anyone in your life that needs to get their personal affairs in order.

 The only organizer of its kind on the market: Produced as a three-ring-binder, Life Organizer includes 8 tabs with pockets, 15 plastic sleeves for storing copies of important documents, 1 sleeve to hold 2 DVDs for video inventory, plus dozens of worksheets, checklists, and pages for contact information of family members and professionals.

A beautiful and practical gift for the babyboomer planning his estate, parent starting a family, or recent grad just beginning to earn an income. Watch this great video that shows how to get the most out of this book!

 The only thing that would make this book more helpful is if it came with an actual person to do the organizing for you!  

Life Organizer. The title says it all

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