When I Am Playing with My Cat

It may be just that I’ve had the same thought before, staring into my cat’s condescending eyes while I dangle a furry ball in front of her, but, at least in my opinion, the funniest book title coming this Spring is Knopf’s WHEN I AM PLAYING WITH MY CAT, HOW DO I KNOW SHE IS NOT PLAYING WITH ME?: Montaigne and Being In Touch with Life. I’m very excited to get my hands on one after enjoying last year’s award-winning Montaigne biography HOW TO LIVE so much.

Another well titled piece of nonfiction is a fellow philosophy book coming in August, WHO AM I?–AND IF SO, HOW MANY? which is an accessible and entertaining romp through the “most vexing questions of existence” that’s had a great run on the bestseller lists in Germany. 

Any other whimsical book titles out there that everyone is loving?

*Unless the editors titled them. In which case, kudos.

Philosophy authors really know how to title their books*

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