The Foremost Good Fortune is a diary of young mom and her family’s experience of living their daily life in Beijing for two years, not as tourists, and not as journalists but just as a family with small children with the privilege of having a different adventure each day.  Susan Conley writes this book as if she is talking directly to her friend and to the reader you are drawn in immediately.

And as if experiencing a new country and a new culture is not enough with the balancing act of raising children, Susan also has to adapt to another new adventure in her life, cancer. Just when you think the story is going in one direction, it takes quite a turn as she deals with having to battle illness from a foreign land.  The Foremost Good Fortune is a beautifully written and honest account of how life really does work- we can never plan for what we must deal with- we can only survive- keep going forward and live. Susan Conley deals with life’s challenges in a inspiring way- she handles all of her new experiences with strength, courage and with a desire to not hide the truth from her children, but to show her family that there is hope and beauty in all experiences.

From the vivid account to life in Beijing to the intimate story of dealing with breast cancer, Susan Conley writes about the life’s small moments  in a way in which we all should aspire to live them.

Get a glimpse of the beauty of China and the warmth of the author all at once in the book trailer:

[youtube IF0LmDsaEew]

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