“There Are Things I Want You to Know” about Steig Larsson and Me      

by Eva Gabrielsson

'There Are Things I Want You to Know' About Stieg Larsson and Me

Coming in June!!

An intimate behind-the scenes look at the incredible life and love of Steig Larsson…

This is the story of Steig Larsson’s life, and his thirty-year love-story with Eva Gabrielsson. Written by Eva herself she writes beautifully of  how their story relates to the Millennium Series. This is the poignant account of their life together and their passions for activism, exposing corruption, for sailing the islands of Sweden’s coast, for their magazine Expo, and for coffee.

Gabrielsson openly addresses the legacy of Larsson’s death, her grief, the purported fourth manuscript and other details in this book filled with never-before-seen photos and letters from the author’s personal archive.

The title is taken from a letter that Larsson  wrote to Gabrielsson on the eve of a dangerous trip to Africa where he thought he might be killed. He sealed and instructed it was to be opened only after his death- Gabrielsson found the letter some thirty years later, after he tragically died in 2004.

A beautiful story of  a life spent together filled with vignettes that take the reader back to Steig and Eva’s childhoods in the far north of Sweden as well as tie their lives back to the stories in the Millennium Trilogy. By May 2010, 27 million copies have been sold worldwide of this series- we are honored to give you a look at the life that made this all possible.

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For Steig Larsson and the Millennium Trilogy fans…

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