• How come no one confessed a teen crush on a librarian? After all, they did go into the book business. Someone must have had a crush on a librarian…

  • Publicly, Shaun Cassidy. Privately (until now), Brian Keith. LOVED him in Family Affair.

  • Jonathan Taylor Thomas – hands down. So dreamy! I moved onto Leonardo DiCaprio later on, of course.

    I’m really excited about this book and can’t wait to read it!

  • Such a fun video!

    Kirk Cameron. I think he and I could have had something wonderful back then. Followed by Jonathan Knight of New Kids on the Block – in a stadium of 16,000 screaming girls, I’m certain that he looked right at me. And sang directly to me.

    Jennifer, young Brian Keith was soooo dreamy! In Parent Trap? Adored him.

  • Elvis. Elvis. Elvis. I think one of the reasons I like Las Vegas so is that he is everywhere. The Cirque ELVIS is a great tribute.

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