What would you do if you lost your job?  Would you get depressed? Would you re-evaluate your life and your choices? Or, would you…

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 take it upon yourself to search out and eat every cereal on the market?

Well, that is just what Edward Daly did when he lost his job on Wall Street. He sought out every cereal he could get his hands on, then categorized them into every variation known to man such as; rolled oats, grains, flakes, marshmallows and puffs? Then after separating them by their perspective genre photographed the cereal boxes and made a book out of it.

After all he knew he wasn’t alone in this passion for America’s third most popular grocery item, 49% of Americas start their day off with one form of cereal or another. (My preferences vary from the very nutty and healthy type…to one with lots of cutely shaped marshmallows, depending on my mood!)

This is a very fun book- and not only will his pop-culture inspired analyses of each box make you laugh, and make you want to try new cereals- it will also make you nostalgic for the boxes you used to stare at while you ate your cereal as a kid!

From a Wall Street financier to the “Wilt Chamberlain of cereal consumption,”- this book will entertain and make you hungry- Coming out at the end of February!

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Cereal: Snap, Crackle, Pop Culture

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