Constructing of Green Lantern: From Page to Screen

Constructing Green Lantern: From Page to Screen (9780789322616) is a comprehensive look at the highly anticipated summer blockbuster, The Green Lantern starring Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively. It includes behind-the-scenes visuals and artifacts from the movie making it unique among the other movie tie-ins to this film.  From the DC Comics team of the blockbuster book The Dark Knight, Constructing Green Lantern chronicles the production of the action movie Green Lantern, the first big movie of the Summer 2011 season.

Written by Ozzy Inguanzo,  Green Lantern’s research and asset manager who has been living at the epicenter of the Green Lantern movie for almost a year and a half! This is a great book that will not only get you excited for the movie- but also give you the behind-the-story of how it all came together for an  even more memorable experience.

Be ready for this title June 7th!

Get ready for the Green Lantern…

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