With their eight-year romance finally leading up to a much anticipated engagement, we can all focus our attention on the upcoming nuptials of Prince William and Kate Middleton. (as if most of us already haven’t?)  Their marriage will be the biggest royal event since the wedding of Prince Charles and Diana in 1981, and I am sure everyone remembers where they were that day. ( I know I do!)

Royal weddings and romances have been causing a stir long before the Charles/Diana/Camille triangle that we all followed whether we wanted to or not,  and longer still before William and Kate met at  St. Andrews University.  

But the newly announced engagment of William and Kate has reminded us all of how much we love to obsess with royal nuptials, and why I am very happy to announce a brand new title just announced for March 2011 from Shire, a division of Osprey Publishing, called Royal Weddings



In this book Emily Brand, a writer and historian of eighteenth and nineteenth century England, provides a fantastic behind-the-scenes look at royal weddings from history. It is a very detailed account of these historic celebrations, from the preparation to the spectacle of the special days themselves.

From Victoria and Albert to Charles and Diana, the  lavish photographs and illustrations will not disappoint. A great way to satisfy history buffs of monarchs past and present, or simply just  an appetite for good old fashioned royal gossip!

Royal Weddings Fever!

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