Sure the holidays are great. But the real treat at this time of year are all the lists coming out. I have such a strange affinity for those arbitrary, subjective compilings of “Year’s Best _____,” and this is especially true, of course, when they have to do with books. has an interesting feature piece going on right now that has several authors choosing their favorite books of the year. Some of them are unsurprising–Laura Hillenbrand choosing a stellar nonfiction work on WWII, the incredible Wes Moore choosing the incredible Nelson Mandela, Tao Lin choosing a piece of quirky zeitgiest fiction–and some of them are sort of surprising–Elizabeth Kolbert’s selection of Insectopedia, and James McBride’s selection of Proofiness.

To read more and  investigate the wherefores, check out the full slideshow here!

Authors on 2010 Books

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