Here in the Library Marketing Department, we find ourselves frequently discussing which book we’ve each recently begun or what we’re most looking forward to reading the moment the manuscript becomes available.  It’s as if we’re working in a book club!  We know each other’s reading tastes and often make recommendations accordingly.  Peer pressure to bring a particular book to the top of to-read list can at times be strong!

We know you work hard to help make the book groups in your community a success, from recommending reads and author read-alikes to assembling book club kits and offering resources for starting & running a book club.  Our Random House Library Book Club brochure is newly updated with a great selection of titles and sample discussion questions to browse and pass along to your book clubs.  It includes many new titles we’re looking forward to discussing and know you will, too!

Download your copy or email us at for a hardcopy!

Book Clubs @ Your Library – New Resource!

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  • Would appreciate a copy of Random House Library book Club publication

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