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Now in full swing: PBS’s Wallander, Series II based on the works of Henning Mankell!

October 3: FACELESS KILLERS (watch online!): “The brutal murder of an elderly couple sparks a wave of revenge attacks against migrant laborers. Tracking the killers, Wallander has a deadly encounter.” <see book page>

October 10: THE MAN WHO SMILED: “A suspicious car accident and a friend’s suicide lead Wallander into an international conspiracy that threatens countless innocent lives. He is helped by a disgraced former colleague.” <see book page>

October 17: THE FIFTH WOMAN: “A wave of torture killings targets successful older men who have a dark past. While solving this puzzle, Wallander faces the ultimate test with his dying father.” <see book page>

I may be a little late in getting this out (WHERE DID THE YEAR GO!?) but I have no fear in suggesting you buy as many of these titles as your budget will allow because the PBS series will drive in readers who don’t know Mankell already, and then I’m certain that Reader’s Advisory librarians have been touting Mankell’s THE MAN FROM BEIJING as the next thing to read after the Larsson trilogy.

If for some reason you haven’t discovered Mankell, he is just as dark, twisty, and complicated as Steig Larsson. Watching FACELESS KILLERS this past Sunday was a workout for the heart! Kenneth Branagh flawlessly inhabits the tortured detective whose personal life continues to go to hell.

So while these are not for the faint of heart, you can’t go wrong in sending mystery/thriller patrons in this direction. If you disagree with me, speak up!

  • DVD will be released 10/19/2010
  • Books are stickered “Now a Major New Series on Masterpiece MYSTERY! On PBS”
  • FACELESS KILLERS is the first book in the series, so it should see the most interest.

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Wallander Series II on PBS

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