Well, sort of. Yesterday at our Online meeting, I saw my first demonstration of an enhanced e-book–an audio/video/photo-laden edition of  HOW TO LIVE SAFELY IN A SCIENCE FICTIONAL UNIVERSE by Charles Yu.

The book had assorted media inserted right in the text so that readers could “Hear TAMMY talk. Learn the origins of Minor Universe 31. See the TM-31. And take a trip in it” without leaving their reading device.  

I don’t know if libraries are in on it quite yet, since the only distributor I know of for this one is Amazon, but I’m sure in the future we’re going to see more enhanced e-books like this one. I think audio/video capabilities could really add something, especially when it comes to nonfiction.

What books that you’ve read would be better enhanced with audio/video/etc.? How would you enhance them?

I have seen The Future.

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