I have to admit that my husband is a somewhat reluctant reader–he’ll curl up with his newspaper, not a book.  So I’m always so excited when I am able to recommend a book that thoroughly engages him (must be the kind of thrill that Readers’ Advisory Librarians get when they make a spot on suggestion to a patron).

A few weeks ago I brought home a galley of The Wave: In Pursuit of the Rogues, Freaks and Giants of the Ocean and my husband was swept away.  He read it in about 3 days, and still brings up tidbits he learned from it to me in conversation.  This book about colossal, ship-swallowing rogue waves and the surfers who seek them out is getting fabulous reviews from the media, so you don’t have to take just the word of one reluctant reader.


“[Susan Casey] examines big waves from every angle, and goes in deep with those who know the phenomenon most intimately….Casey makes a convincing, entertaining case (nifty cliffhangers and all) that there is a heretofore little-known monster in our midst….She pushes the scientists on the big question…..Casey is fluent in ‘gnarly’ and proficient in ‘wonk,’ and she writes lucidly so the rest of us can come along for the ride. Her wonderfully vivid, kinetic narrative….offers a prescient vision of watery perils–and sometimes, bittersweet triumphs….Amid the images of demolition, Casey hangs on to the magic and beauty of waves.”–New York Times Book Review

“You think Jaws made you fear the ocean? In this adrenaline rush of a book, Casey….describes ‘nature’s biggest tantrum’….Her eerie, majestic descriptions…make THE WAVE an unsettling thrill ride that’s as terrifying as it is awe inspiring.”–People


Keep an eye on this one, it promises to be a hot title throughout the fall.

Publicity still to come:
Laird Hamilton is back in New York today, Monday 9/27 to tape CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 and The Charlie Rose Show (airdate TK) with Susan.

Also still pending for author Susan Casey are interviews with:
Westwood One Radio’s America in the Morning (9/28);
PRI’s To the Best of Our Knowledge (10/7);
MSNBC-TV/Morning Joe;
C-SPAN/ Book TV; Reuters;
Comedy Central/The Daily Show;
TBS-TV/Conan (11/17)
and more…

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Catch The Wave!

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