Unshelved readers, welcome to the blog! And if you’re here independently, that might be even better. The Library Services team here at Random House has chosen 4 books from our Fall 2010 Adult List which we think you absolutely must be aware of (and of which you–or your library’s automatic-buy system–may not be already aware).

Here we go!

The False Friend

The False Friend by Myra Goldberg – This amazing book-club choice explores “the adults that children become” through the lens of a tragic childhood incident swept so far under the rug that it’s almost become the truth. As Booklist says, “Readers are kept guessing until the final pages and, as in Bee Season, Goldberg uses beautiful, emotionally descriptive language to keep us with one ear to the ground, listening for the slow, quiet footsteps of creeping tragedy.”

Vampire Knits

Vampire Knits by Genevieve Miller – All this time your patrons are spending around vampires is going to cause them to discover a few things they might want to have. How to disguise your bottle of blood? A blood-bottle cozy, of course. How to keep your hands warm on a fall foliage stroll with an undead guy? Bellisima mittens! How to avoid the whole black-cape cliche? With the dead-sexy Sidhe Shrug. 28 thirst-practical knitting projects for your vamp-crazy patrons. (Is there any other kind?)

Mr. Toppit

Mr. Toppit by Charles Elton – A family’s trying brush with fame takes center stage here, while the elusive Mr. Toppit himself lurks behind the curtain. Great reads so far: “Elton skillfully weaves together postwar England and a terrifyingly modern L.A., as well as the hopes and disappointments of frustrated mothers, neglected children, and clandestine lovers. While beautifully written and graced with a unique story line, it is Elton’s characters who drive the novel and give it a depth uncommon in debuts.” Publishers Weekly, Starred

Luka and the Fire of Life

Luka and the Fire of Life by Salman Rushdie – Sir Rushdie once again takes on the YA-crossover novel with unmatched grace. This one was written for his second son and features a teenage protagonist named Luka who, in order to save his comatose father, must enter a magical world and steal the Fire of Life, a flame so ludicrously unattainable it makes the Golden Fleece look like a Blue Light Special. Says Kirkus in their starred review, “Brilliant wordplay throughout…A celebration of storytelling…and a colorful, kick-up-your-heels delight.”

We do have a limited quantity of Advance Readers Copies for the three fiction titles here, so if you are interested in getting your hands on The False Friend, Mr. Toppit, or Luka, send an email to library@randomhouse.com specifying which book you are interested in and your library’s mailing address. We’ll choose winners randomly at the end of the week.

Hope this helps your fall collections! For more updates and tips, be sure to follow this blog on your RSS feeds!


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