I’ve finished the final pages of MOCKINGJAY, and feel the need to extend my foray into children’s literature.  While anxiously awaiting the galley of THE DARK AND HOLLOW PLACES by Carrie Ryan, and having already read REVOLUTION by Jennifer Donnelly, I am now in need of guidance.

I’ve consulted 1001 CHILDREN’S BOOK YOU MUST READ BEFORE YOU GROW UP and made an exciting discovery.  I’ve never read EMILY OF NEW MOON by Lucy Maud Montgomery!  So I turn to the classics for the moment.  But what should come next?

What are your favorite, must-read books in children’s literature?

1001 children's books


What to read after Mockingjay?

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  • My favorites – oh there are so many!

    Humor: The True Meaning of Smekday by Rex.
    Supernatural: The Tree Shepard’s Daughter (series) by Summers, Twilight (series) by Meyer, Now You See It by VandeVelde, and A Great and Terrible Beauty by Bray.
    SciFi: Uglies (and the rest) by Westerfeld.
    Futuristic: Feed by Anderson and City of Ember (series but skip #3) by DuPrau.
    Cozy: The Last Dog on Earth by Ehrencraft.

    Is it sad that I can list titles & authors off the top of my head? And I’m sure I’ve forgotten to include a lot of other really good ones…

  • Harry! How could I forget Harry! Harry Potter! 🙂

    And TTYL by Myracle.

  • And after you read Emily of New Moon, remember to read the sequels: Emily Climbs and Emily’s Quest. And if that’s not enough L.M. Montgomery for you, there’s the rest of her works. My favorites are Jane of Lantern Hill and The Blue Castle.

  • I just finished the ARC of a YA novel to be published on Nov. 30, 2010: MATCHED, by Ally Condie, the first in a new series. If you loved “The Hunger Games”, this is the book you have to read! What happens when you discover your nice safe world isn’t quite the utopia it seems? When almost every choice is made for you and you decide to make your own? Read this and find out!

  • Swallows and Amazons [& the rest of the series] by Arthur Ransome. Classic groups-of-children-create-adventures stories with lots of sailing & camping on their own. First published 1930 to 1945 in England. US editions published by Godine.

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