Reissued last week by New York Review Books, the 1965 J.R. Ackerley memoir MY DOG TULIP, which Truman Capote called “One of the greatest books ever written by anybody in the world,” will soon be released as an animated motion picture! An article in yesterday’s NY Times covers the films unique method of animation, which is paradoxically hand-drawn using special computers. Woah. One could think of it as a sort of “Green Animation.” Very nifty.

“In its own quirky fashion, Ackerley’s wry valentine to his beloved pet is as much a book about the difficult art of living and loving as it is a dog story.”
Publishers Weekly

[youtube b-CEDsZstdI]

Here’s the schedule for the film’s nationwide roll-out:
Film Forum, New York City, September 1
Ritz at the Bourse, Philadelphia, October 1
Kendall Square Cinema, Boston, October 15
Embarcadero Center Cinema, San Francisco, October 15
Shattuck Cinema, Berkeley, October 15
Nuart Theatre, Los Angeles, October 22
Ken Cinema, San Diego November 5
Varsity Theatre, Seattle, November 5
E Street Cinema, Washington DC, November 5
Chez Artiste, Denver, November 12


MY DOG TULIP film gets "green-drawn"

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