Sam Raimi, the director of “Evil Dead,” et al. has taken an interest in the movie project “Earp: Saints for Sinners” based on the graphic novel of the same name published by Radical. “Earp” reimagines its gunslinging title character (Wyatt, that is) and his brothers, along with his comrade-in-spurs Doc Holliday, in a whole new environment–the Future–where everything is ravaged and pretty much the only city left standing is Las Vegas.  (Read the full story on Hollywood Reporter.)

I’m excited to see what Raimi can do with this one. Radical is great at coming up with borderline-crazy “what if” scenarios that can easily turn into films. Another being looked at is “Oblivion,” which was actually written by “Tron Legacy” director Joseph Kosinski.


Raimi to possibly direct "Earp"

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