As any bibliophile (especially one who has attended an ALA) knows, books are heavy.  That’s why when e-books came along, the jetsetting subset of bibliophiles rejoiced. Now, instead of packing 4 books in your suitcase–which is, yes, something I’ve done–you could just pack your e-reader and some batteries or a charger, which weighs you down much less and allows room for those swin fins you wanted to bring.


But you still needed to pack your travel guide.

How else would you know where to eat, where to stay, what to do? You’re just a helpless little tourist with no Internet access.

Voila! Introducing electronic travel guides from Fodors. Just download it to your reader and you’re off! No extra packing, so maybe now you can bring your swim fins AND your frisbee!

We just have 4 for right now, but there are more to come.

978-1-4000-0560-4 • Fodor’s National Parks: Yosemite, Sequoia & Kings Canyon

978-1-4000-0559-8 • Fodor’s National Parks: Yellowstone & Grand Teton

978-1-4000-0564-2 • Fodor’s National Parks: Grand Canyon & Arizona

978-1-4000-0561-1 • Fodor’s National Parks: California


Let us lighten your luggage a little.

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