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One of the great pleasures of working in book publishing is getting to witness and be a part of the advance buzz that crops up pre-publication. Even more exciting is when this buzz lands on our doorstep here in Library Marketing. I’m talking about the “You have to read this book! You’ll love it!” exchanges between my co-workers, the passing back and forth of galleys and morning conversations about last night’s reading.

It happened with The Passage and Cutting for Stone and now with Richard Harvell’s debut novel, The Bells. A few weeks ago Erica began raving about it so I decided to give it a go. Last week, I parked myself in her office every morning to discuss the pages I’d read the night before. Lest you overlook this great book, here are some comments from both of us!

This book is unlike any piece of historical fiction I’ve read before. Gone are the queens and other royal figures, the courtiers and painters. Moses, the son of a deaf-mute, grew up in a belfry before being cast out, found by two  monks and taken to live in the Abbey of St. Gall where he sings in the choir. He is the one that no one wants with a operetic voice so in demand it becomes his curse. Gothic in tone with gorgeous language that has an ear for sound this book will pull you into the landscape of the Swiss Alps, Mozart’s Vienna, and Moses’ world.  -Marie

 “A surprising love story of the unlikely places family is to be found, with a cast of endearing characters.  Just imagine – a romantic, love-drunk monk!  

I also found myself reacting in much the same way as when I read Sarah Dunant’s SACRED HEARTS.  Her novel sparked a brief obsession with nuns. I sought more information on young aristocratic girls forced into convents in Italy.  And with THE BELLS, I wanted to learn more about the castrati; those young boys in Italy physically assaulted and altered in order to preserve their voices.”  -Erica


Hark! Hear The Bells!

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  • Thanks for the tip! Everything you guys like, I tend to like as well!

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