In a bold and exciting move (by publisher standards, anyway), we’ve redesigned (somewhere between an overhaul and a tweak) our seasonal publication “Library Bulletin,” normally tipped into Library Journal magazine. With a new layout and different categories, we hope it will do an even better job of matching you up with the right books for your library! As always, if you have feedback for us, please email or leave a comment!

Download a copy here (PDF) or look for it in Library Journal.

Fall books for all!

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  • Is there any way to get a mention, comment or review anywhere in LJ or SLJ for the 5 books in my Lake George Mystery Series? I spent 32 years as a NY State certified hs librarian at Queensbury High School in upstate NY where I poured over LJ and SLJ to select books for a rapidly growing school district with a generous budget. Turned to mystery writing after retirement. First book was nominated as Malice Domestic Best First Mystery in 2001, spoke with Julia Spenser-Fleming last year at NYSLA conference in Saratoga. My small publisher, Hilliard and Harris, offers limited help, but is now working with Amazon.
    Any suggestions or guidelines appreciated,
    Anne White
    Opens to latest Lake George Mystery – Cold Winter Nights

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