huckMost who know me know I love dogs. But few know the name I’m considering for my future dog. He will be big and oaf-like, a bull in a china closet, mischevious with a heart of gold. And he will be named Huck Finn. Blame the book nerd in me.

So it seems only fitting that I add the new book by the same name to my ever-expanding reading list. In the same vein as Marley or Dewey, Huck is the story of what happens to a community when a boy’s beloved pooch is lost. Never under estimate the power of a dog to galvanize a handful of would-be strangers.

Huck hits shelves in September. Be sure to add it to your list. And while we’re on the subject, does anyone have a Huck or a Marley? What are your pets’ names? Or, if you’re like me, future pet names?


Say "hi" to Huck…

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  • I have a “big and oaf-like, a bull in a china closet, mischevious with a heart of gold” Bernese Mountain Dog and his name is Dudley. His elder sister, who is as dainty and polite as 90 lbs. of dog can be, is Nell.

  • I currently share my home with slightly over 200 pounds of Golden Retrievers named Holly (because she was a Christmas present for my daughter) and Cooper (because he was a rescue and came with that name and anyone that knows Goldens knows why I really didn’t think he was capable of learning another). We also share space with a slightly cranky cat that my then 4-year-old daughter named Cinderella (I misunderstood her and referred to the cat as “Gorilla” for about 2 weeks until I was corrected; I thought it was an odd name for a cat, but who questions a 4-year-old?)

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