When the plume of fire and ash went up in Iceland recently, air traffic in the area notably (and justifiably) diminished. But of course, the roguish photographers at the National Geographic Society took the next plane up.

The result? NGS’s June Drop-In, VOLCANO: Iceland’s Inferno and the Earth’s Most Active Volcanoes.

This stunning, photographic overview of 20 major volcanoes around the world, whose eruptions have impacted landscapes and lives over decades, focuses on recent, high-profile volcanoes, with some flashbacks to bygone volcanic catastrophes. Features include a plot map of all the world’s volcanoes, a brief overview of the science behind volcanoes, and a profile of each volcano, including its alert status.

Don’t be surprised to find a spike in demand for books on this topic. And there’s no one that does Nature better than National Geographic.


Drop-in Alert: NGS's "Volcano"

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