To supplement the excitement building around THE OTHER WES MOORE, a brilliantly told…what would you call it?…retrospective memoir of the diverging fates of two young African American men from Baltimore, the author has created a new website. There, you may find advance praise, an extended bio, contact information for the author, and this well-crafted book trailer:

[youtube 6bk_U6wHszE]

Moore writes with sub­tlety and insight … a mov­ing explo­ration of roads not taken.” —Pub­lish­ers Weekly (starred review)

The Other Wes Moore high­lights the trans­for­ma­tive influ­ence of car­ing adults… Moore vividly and pow­er­fully describes not just the cul­ture of the streets but how it feels to be a boy grow­ing up in a world where vio­lence makes you a man, school seems irrel­e­vant, and drug deal­ing is a respected career choice.” — O Mag­a­zine Review


New Author Site up for Wes Moore

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