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Dear Librarian:

You love libraries. I too love libraries. To celebrate National Library Week, which starts April 12, I am asking my readers to tell me about their fantasy library: the absolute, ultimate, perfect ideal of a library. They can write a description, do a drawing, invent a floor plan, whatever strikes their fancy, just so I get it the Friday before. 

The winner gets two pieces of literary art for his or her walls: “Birth of a Green Man” and the small version of “A Venomous Death.”  And then I’ll take a box and load it with one of every Laurie R. King novel written–twenty books–and send them to whichever actual, mortar-and-brick (or wood-and-paint) public library the winner chooses.

I am writing to ask you to help spread the word about my Fantasy Library contest, because (I think you will agree) the more we get people thinking and writing and dreaming about libraries and books, the better. You can find out more details about the contest at my website, here.

We’re celebrating National Library Week, beginning April 12th.

Because Laurie Loves Libraries.

Laurie R. King

Laurie R. King celebrates National Library Week!

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