A few weeks ago, I had the amazing opportunity to hear Yann Martel speak about his new book Beatrice & Virgil, which like his bestseller Life of Pi (now available in a Large Print edition), uses animals to discuss the human condition.  I count Life of Pi among my favorite books of all time, so I was already dying to read his new one, but after hearing him talk about it and how the story came to be, I couldn’t wait a moment longer and immediately started reading it on the subway back from the event.  Although I can’t replicate the experience of an in-person meeting, take a look at the video below to get some insight into this fascinating book from the author himself…and then get yourself on your library’s holds list!

[youtube 4n8cxB-vxY0]

And now a word from Yann Martel

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  • What a great video. I can’t wait to read the book and reccomend it to my patrons. Thank you!

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