If you came to ALA Midwinter this past January, and when you came to the Random House, Inc. booth (notice I said when, not if) you might have been lucky enough to have been there when our local sales rep extraordaire, Ron Koltnow, was working in the booth. Scenerio: you’ve gone into a publishing booth, asked a question about a book and no one working there knows the answer…….well, just let me say when Ron is working the booth, I find it impossible to believe that he wouldn’t have the answer. Immesureably knowledgeable. A goldmine of information. Terrific sense of humor. And ALWAYS willing to come and work a library show in addition to working his usual extra-long work week.

Now someone, somewhere could be writing a similar post about any of the other six outstanding field reps that were nominated for REP OF THE YEAR — but the chorus you hear in the distance is everyone in Library and Academic Marketing who has ever worked a show with Ron — CONGRATULATIONS AND WELL DESERVED!


Read the congratulatory letter from Random House, Inc.’s Madeline McIntosh

Random House, Inc.'s Ron Koltnow named "Rep of the Year" by Publisher's Weekly!

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