Publishing just around the corner is STAYING TRUE, a memoir by Jenny Sanford, now separated from her affair-having husband, South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford. But before its publication date, Jenny Sanford will be participating in a publicity tour that would make most folks’ heads spin. So be sure to check your advance orders; the demand is likely to skyrocket for this book when it’s spotlighted for the nation’s collective eyeballs. Here’s the highlights from the tour:

20/20 Special: A Barbara Walters Interview: February 5th on ABC

In the days leading up to the interview, Barbara Walters will promote it on the following TV outlets:
-Good Morning America
-The View
-Entertainment Tonight
-Access Hollywood
(With more to be announced!)

ABC will also run a full-page ad in USA TODAY on Feb. 5th promoting Walters interview.

Good Morning America: Two-part Interview
February 8th on ABC
The View
February 8th on ABC
Larry King Live
February 8th on CNN
The Jon Stewart Show
February 8th on Comedy Central
The 700 Club
February 11th on the Christian Broadcasting Network

NPR’s “Morning Edition” —Feb. 8th
ABC Radio satellite—week of Feb. 8th
CBS Radio News satellite—week of Feb. 8th


People Magazine: 1st serial excerpt with photos
On stands February 5th.

Washington Post/ Newsweek’s religion interview series, Divine Impulses—available on the (printed) religion section of the Washington Post, the home page of, and at “On Faith,” the joint project of the Washington Post and Newsweek—week of February 8th

USA Today: inclusion in Book Buzz column on upcoming political memoirs—January 7th

Hurricane Jenny (Sanford)

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