Every once in a while, a book comes along that stands out from the pack early on.  RH staff reads early ebook galleys and soon everyone is buzzing about the same title. It has been some time since I remember so many in-house people LOVING the same book–3 of us in the Library Marketing Dept alone! Dare I say it?  It was perhaps The DaVinci Code and we all know what ended up happening there, so don’t say I’m not giving you a heads up here.

You may recognize Justin Cronin’s name, he was the winner of the PEN/Hemingway Award for his radiant novel in stories, Mary and O’Neil.  His next novel, The Summer Guest was also lauded.  Cronin has decided to go down a different path with his next novel The Passage.  I loved The Summer Guest, but it was a literary novel where the action took a back seat.  Not so here.  The Passage is adrenalin-filled, twisty, suspense-packed, and rich in characters–and did I mention?–the writing is absolutely amazing. 

I’m afraid to tell you too much about the plot, because it is tough to explain with any brevity, but an anecdote related to us at our marketing meeting sets it up nicely.  Supposedly, the award-winning author asked his young daughter what it would take for her to read one of his novels.  She thought for a moment and finally replied that it would have to be about a little girl who saves the world.  From that germ of an idea was born this epic, post-apocalyptic story of humankind struggling to survive. 

The fact that is an amazing book, makes it a GOOD thing that the novel is more than 1000 pages AND the first in a trilogy.  I honestly did not want it to end.  It is the kind of book that you want to just force on people to read (oh come on, you know you’ve done it) and since I’m pretty much done with my co-workers (except for Dave Eicke who still needs to read it!!), friends and family, I’m moving on to you, faithful blog readers.  I have some excerpt booklets available and will send them out to anyone who leaves a comment, while supplies last. 

I’ll have galleys to give away at ALA Midwinter, but wouldn’t it be cool to get a sneak peek now?  That way you’ll be In The Know before you arrive in Boston this January.  I’m telling you: this is going to be BIG.


Major BUZZ Alert: The Passage

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  • It has just come to my attention that Marie Kent has not read The Passage yet either. Dave points out that it is not fair to call him out and not her. True. Happy now Dave? Now please start reading…

  • Talk about a glowing review!!! Well, you have convinced this library worker/book blogger. I’d love a galley if you still have some!!!


  • I would love to take a look at this- and you can better believe I’ll be at ALA Midwinter for a galley! 🙂

  • Won’t be able to get to Boston in January. Would love a galley if you’ve got extra!

  • Won’t be able to get to Boston this January. Would love a copy of the galley if you’ve still got!

  • More than a thousand pages, and a forecast populist barn-burner? I raise a skeptical eyebrow, but only to indicate I’d love to take a look at a galley to see if I agree with your assessment.

  • I am now convinced and will be on a quest for a copy.

  • Looking forward to reading it. I can’t make it to Midwinter, but would love a galley, Please!!

  • Hi,

    Sunds terrific. I have preordered it , but I would love to purchase a “sneak peak.” Just let me know if you have any left and how to go about purchasing.

    Thank you,

  • Your review has me intrigued. I would love to have a galley if you still have one. I’m also the newspaper adviser and am hoping the student newspaper’s book reviewer will read it and write a review for the paper. Thanks.

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