Austen’s fans are many. Whether they are re-reading Emma (for the fifth time) or–perhaps against their better judgement–picking up Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (coming soon in a graphic novel version!), they are devoted readers.  I, myself, have always been partial to Sense and Sensibility, but I confess I may have to give Jane Bites Back a try.   

So…we want to know.  Why do YOU read Jane Austen?  Send an e-mail to and explain (in 500-1000 words) the significance Jane Austen has had on the literary world and in your own life, and you will be entered for the chance to win a signed copy of A TRUTH UNIVERSALLY ACKNOWLEDGED: 33 Writers on Why We Read Jane Austen, along with The Complete Novels of Jane Austen, volume 1 and The Complete Novels of Jane Austen, volume 2. Read the official rules HERE

Good luck!

Why do YOU read Jane Austen?

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