I took last Friday off for a long weekend. The resident West Coaster in the Library Marketing department, I had previously never been to Washington D.C. So when the opportunity arose, I took it. I spent Friday afternoon wandering around alone while my roommate attended a conference. Here is my attempt at taking my own photo in front of the Capitol building. Hi Mom!


After touring the Capitol building I saw signs pointing to a passageway that would take me to the Library of Congress… Of course, I followed them. The interior was gorgeous and so intricately painted.

librarysign      libraryinterior

and I was thrilled to see this exhibit…


I had to check out the Library of Congress Gift Shop and Bookstore where I was not at all surprised to come across…


I just had to snap a couple of photos when I saw…

nancypearl1     nancypearl2

Ms. Pearl, I’d say when you have your own “action figure” and are shelved next to  Bach and Mozart at the Library of Congress, you have arrived!

And with that, I was off to the Smithsonian where I oogled over Dorothy’s ruby slippers and Julia Child’s kitchen. But I think we’ll save those photos for another day…


The Library of Congress with RH Library

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