Yesterday, I received 2 separate emails about a book called MR. PEANUT. I’d never heard of it before, nor of the first-time author, Adam Ross, but both emails were raving that I must read it. One called it a “police-procedural of the soul.” However, the publication date is so far away that there aren’t even galleys yet!

So I couldn’t help but wonder what was causing the fuss, so I downloaded the manuscript onto my e-reader and started reading last night. And now, even 25 pages in, I can see that I’m going to really enjoy it. I REALLY WISH I could show you the opening of this book, but I think it’s illegal. I’m trying to think of an opening I like better, and only Lolita is coming to mind.

This book’s scheduled to come out in June. This won’t be the last time I post about it, I’m sure. Consider this a blip on your screen!


Mr. Peanut? What is this?

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  • Yay! I’m glad you read it and are enjoying it!

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