According to a New York Times article, DC Comics will soon be publishing a series called “American Vampire,” which, illustrated by Rafael Albuquerque, will concern itself with “a new breed of vampire through the lens of different eras in American history. The second 16-page portion of the story will be done by none other than Stephen King! His story will be about Skinner Sweet, the first vampire to not fear the sun (see above illustration).

The article also describes a story by Scott Snyder of a fame-hungry woman in the Jazz Age–which actually sounds even more interesting. Overall, the series seems like it’ll be very cool, even if it is a little bandwagon-ish.

The National Ledger, in their article about the comic, seems to be obliquely accusing Mr. King of condemning the Twilight series while also capitalizing on its popularity. But really, I don’t think he has to prove anything at this point, and he certainly doesn’t need any more money, right? Anyone think this is a bad idea?

Stephen King to do comics!

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