I wrote a post last week about starting off your library’s Manga collection with a few key series. And this week, I’d like to address those who might have read that and said, “Pssh, I started my Manga collection 3 years ago. This guy’s behind the times.” by giving everyone a few NEW titles to check out.

These are a few new series coming in November and December. Check them out for some Manga-shelf augmentation!

Tadayasu is a new, fresh-faced university student hiding a bizarre secret: He can see germs with the naked eye. Between the machinations of an eccentric professor and the doomed agricultural experiments of his fellow students, will Tadayasu ever find the cool college atmosphere he so desires?

The world is a lonely place for Naoto and Naoya, brothers with amazing psychic powers that set them apart from humanity. Their parents cast them out and had them imprisoned in an exploitative research center. But after they make a daring escape from the institution, Naoya has a psychic vision of an even greater threat: a deadly plague that threatens the entire world!

It’s easy: Just send a text to a certain address and a dark angel will appear to grant you a wish–but only one! You can wish for your crush to fall in love with you, for revenge against those who have wronged you, or even for the dead to be brought back to life. But choose your wish carefully–sometimes a dream come true can be a nightmare!


Drawn Inspiration, part 2

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